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Data Center Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Data center is one of the most important assets of a company and it requires an experienced engineer to design and execute to achieve the best results. Actually Data center is a set of resources (computing, storage, network) that are interconnected using a single communication network. The Data Center Network (DCN) plays a central role in a data center because it links all data center resources together. DCNs need to be scalable and efficient to connect tens or even hundreds of thousands of servers to meet the growing demand of users. Intelligent Data Miner Company is proud to design and execute data centers using the latest methods and standards currently available in the world. Some of these standards are:

  • TIA 942
  • TIA 607-B

Fiber Optic Infrastructure (FTTx) Design and Implementation

The FTTx infrastructure is a type of optical fiber delivery in which the fiber spreads from a central office to the boundary of a space close to home or work. The main benefits of using fiber in this technology are providing faster connection speeds and higher carrying capacity than twisted copper cable, coaxial cable or digital shared line (DSL). Such Optic-based systems can deliver large amounts of digital information – telephone, video, data, etc. – at a better performance than traditional copper coaxial cable at almost the same price. In this regard, Intelligent Data Miner Company offers innovative solutions in the design and implementation of Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure (FTTx).

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