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 Intelligent Data Miner Company is responsible in Consulting, designing, supplying and installing national ICT projects, including:

Enterprise Networks

Data centers

Video surveillance and electronic protection systems


  • Achieve new technologies in providing technical and engineering services
  • Upgrading and increasing human resources abilities.
  • Entrepreneurship, national self-sufficiency and localization of industries related to their services
  • Value creation and wealth generation while maintaining social and national responsibilities


  • Observing professional standards and maintaining stakeholder satisfaction and trust
  • Pay attention to the plan and quality of implementation of commitments
  • Improve processes, apply them effectively and continually improve them
  • Increase the capacity of the company staff


  • Maximize equipment efficiency with periodic maintenance
  • Converting tacit knowledge of human power into explicit knowledge
  • Value for human resources and attention to their welfare and health
  • Protecting the interests of stakeholders (companies, personnel, employers, etc.)